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Circle J


For general information, please contact us at circlejband@gmail.com

Buying stuff
You want to buy stuff? Great! Just check our store to see what we have in store, send an e-mail to circlejmerch@hotmail.com, and you'll get it!

Circle J elsewhere on the web
Facebook: www.facebook.com/circlejfolkpunk
YouTube: www.youtube.com/circlejfolkpunk

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Distribution and labels
Diggers, Weekend Warriors, Fat Man's Chest and Year of the Goat are distributed worldwide (except Asia) by Sonic Rendezvous. For more info check their website. UncleOwen Music released and distributes Diggers, Weekend Warriors and Fat Man's Chest in Asia.

For bookings contact Jasper van Duuren
E circlejband@gmail.com

For bookings in Germany contact
Wizard of Words Booking Agency:

Wizard of Words
Michael Riedel
Telefon: +49 (0)208 43 908 73

Web: www.wizard-booking.de
Email: info@wizard-booking.de

For bookings in Japan contact Sota Matsui (UncleOwen Music):

I www.uncleowen-music.com
E matsui@hats.jp

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